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$500 Realtor Referral +
Return Client GUARANTEE

Certain properties just take their sweet time to sell. Realtors know that but some clients don’t, and it’s usually not long before their pocket starts to feel it and frustration looms … let us help!

If your client’s property isn’t selling as quickly as desired, refer them to Keyrenter Northwest Chicago to keep their asset profitable in the interim.

We immediately analyze the right rental price point, vet quality tenants, and bend over backwards to honor our myriad other commitments to them—making you look good in the process.

Not only do we pay you for every property successfully leased, but we send your client right back when it’s time to sell. Affording you the peace of mind that your commission isn’t in jeopardy, all the while your client is being kept happy. Everyone wins!

Help Your Clients Maintain & Manage a Profitable Asset!

Our Promise To Our Realtor ® Partners
  • $500 Referral fee to you for each owner after tenant placement.
  • When the owner decides they don’t want to invest in repairs to meet minimum rental standards, we may offer to purchase the property — paying you a 3% purchase price at closing.
  • Updates on your client & their property.
  • Guarantees to your client.
    • Tenant, Leasing, Maintenance & Eviction
    • Rigorous rental rate analysis to price their property right.
    • Comprehensive care from our full-fledged support & legal teams, with a less than 1% eviction rate.
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